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The Optimal Program develops resilient, positive and cohesive staff and leadership teams, to promote optimal organizational performance and wellbeing. 


Individual coaching, before and after a dynamic group workshop, and ongoing post program mentoring provide an engaging and transformative learning and development experience. 

The program draws on the evidence-based 6C Mental Resilience concept, developing a resilient and positive mindset, supportive relationships, empowering self-awareness, and motivating perspective and goal focus.

Outcomes and Benefits 

Participants of the Optimal Program will:


  • Be more resilient, positive and confident, leading to improvements in performance, positive behavior and workplace relationships. 

  • Be more capable and confident when giving and receiving feedback in the team.

  • Experience improvements in mental focus on tasks and longer term commitments.

  • Become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent, and less likely to overreact.

  • Be more supportive, collaborative and professional when working with colleagues.

  • Experience better sleep, maintain better self-care and higher levels of positivity.

  • Experience a greater sense of meaning and purpose in work, and life in general. 

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