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​Optimal Help Desk is our professional mentoring service, providing ad hoc access to practical 6C Mental Resilience strategies, support and information.


Operating as an agile stand alone service, Optimal Help Desk can also be added to and combined with our more structured training and coaching services.


In this way Optimal Help Desk promotes the uptake of learning, self-awareness, new insights and mental clarity, and improved traction toward goals. 


Having reliable access to this type of support and information provides reinforcement for busy professionals as they strive to perform at their best in challenging work environments.

Outcomes and Benefits 

Participants of the Optimal Help Desk will:


  • Be more resilient, positive and confident, leading to improvements in performance, positive behaviour and workplace relationships. 

  • Be more capable and confident when giving and receiving feedback in the team.

  • Experience improvements in mental focus on tasks and longer term commitments.

  • Become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent, and less likely to overreact.

  • Be more supportive, collaborative and professional when working with colleagues.

  • Experience better sleep, maintain better self-care and higher levels of positivity.

  • Experience a greater sense of meaning and purpose in work, and life in general. 

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