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Grow Forward Coaching & Training was founded in 2011 upon identifying a gap in the vocational training sector in Australia.

We found that by combining resilience-based personal development coaching and training with vocational skills programs, job seekers became much more successful in finding and retaining employment.

Since that time we have retained that underpinning service principle; developing the mental and social capacities of people to provide a solid foundation for their performance, especially when under pressure.

The success of this approach allowed us to work with people from a wide range of industries in Australia, USA, China and South East Asia. These include the hospitality, banking, recruitment, clinical, university, school, startup and community sectors.

While this principle has remained, our tools and development processes have evolved, with the most recent iteration being 6C Mental Resilience, an exciting new psychosocial approach to comprehensive resilience and wellbeing development for organizations.

Now, more than in any recent time, the capacity and performance of organizations depends upon the resilience, wellbeing and cohesion of its people.

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Jamie Craig
Founder and CEO

Grow Forward Coaching & Training, and
Grow Forward China |

Jamie holds a Master of Human Resource Management and
Coaching (University of Sydney), and is the
6C Mental Resilience Founder & Master Trainer.

Jamie's background in professional coaching, counselling, training, management and outdoor education facilitation over the past
25+ years has refined his strong leadership and
people development skills.
With the ability to engage and bring out the best in any client group, Jamie assists people and organisations to identify and develop
their strengths and perform at optimal levels.

Through Grow Forward Jamie’s mission is to improve individual, academic and organisational performance by promoting
mental resilience, wellbeing and emotional intelligence
in Australia, USA, China, and South East Asia.​

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